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East Lawrence High School Newsletter - 5.11.15


Well, this year is quickly coming to an end!  This will most likely be the last regular newsletter with the exception of a special edition at the start of summer to highlight Graduation and other end-of-the-year activities.  I continue to stand amazed at the achievements, talents, and skills displayed by our students.  The contents of this newsletter is testament to this statement.

I'll share a quote I read recently. "Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months, and years they spent preparing for it.  The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character."  Let's stay strong these last few weeks as we continue to prepare for our final "championship" events, whether it's in the classroom, on the field, or in life.  

Proud to be an Eagle,

Mr. Tate  

Out and About @ ELHS

Data Dive at ELHS

**From previous newsletter...but relevant to the following section "The EL Blitz"

Some will tell you that data is dead in a High School.  But we at ELHS believe no such statement, and we are proving it.  This year we are looking at two major chunks of data. First of all, our entire Junior class took an ACT Mock exam last semester.  Mrs. Hall and Mr. Tate then sat down with each student and conducted a data meeting to discuss their results and where the students feel they should focus for our upcoming ACT Blitz.  Stay tuned for details about the blitz.  A reward was also given for Juniors who benchmarked on the ACT Mock Exam.  Our next set of data comes from the Global Scholar online testing program.  All 9th and 10th graders take this test three times a year to monitor progress toward their achievement of State Standards in Reading and Math.  After our winter testing in January, teachers sat down with students to discuss their results and the progress toward their goals for mid-year and end-of-year.  A reward was also give for the students who met their goals. Take a look at the pictures below from our Data Dive at ELHS.  

The EL Blitz

In March, we began the EL Blitz, an extra class period built into the schedule with the purpose of intense focus on ACT extra practice for 10th and 11th Grade, Project-Based Learning for 9th Grade, and Service-Learning and Life Skills for 12th Grade.  The primary focus has been with the 11th Grade on ACT prep as a result of our Data Meetings. Subject-specific focus groups were formed based on the data and student voice and choice.  What followed was an intense time of ACT prep, including both content and test-taking strategies.  Our 10th Graders used the online ACT test prep site during this time. Our seniors were given the option of several service-learning projects or life skills including reading to elementary students, helping in the Lawrence County Developmental Center, working on a special Ag project, or taking classes in car maintenance, character education, or finance.  Last but not least our 9th Grade returned to their History classes to take on project-based learning centered around World War II and the Holocaust.  They are currently planning a living museum as part of their culminating event.  Our EL Blitz has utilized all resources and all with voice and choice from teachers and students.  The amount of ownership and engagement during this time is phenomenal.  Evidence of that is seen in the pictures below and in the videos posted at the end of the newsletter.  I can't wait to see our ACT results and hear of other success stories as a result of the EL Blitz!

Up and Coming @ ELHS

Monday, May 4 - AP Chemistry Exam

Tuesday, May 5 - AP Calculus Exam

Wednesday, May 6 - AP Literature Exam

Thursday, May 7 - Senior Luau

Thursday, May 7 - Dodgeball Tournament - Volleyball Fundraiser

Monday, May 11 - AP Biology Exam

Monday, May 11 - Spring Football Game v. Danville 6:00

Tuesday, May 12 - Living Museum - 9th Grade Project

Wednesday, May 13 - AP Language Exam

Thursday, May 14 - Awards Day 8:00

Friday, May 15 - Senior Exams 1st, 3rd, 5th

Sunday, May 17 - Band Concert 3:00

Monday, May 18 - Senior Exams 2nd, 4th, 6th

Monday, May 18 - PowderPuff Football 5:30 - Beta Fundraiser

Tuesday, May 19 - Exams 1st, 3rd, 5th (Senior Exams 7th)

Wednesday, May 20 - Exams 2nd, 4th, 6th

Thursday, May 21 - Exams 7th

Thursday, May 21 - Graduation 7:00

Friday, May 22 - Makeup Exams

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Eagles Athletics

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Eagles Extra-Curricular

Celebrations and Shout-outs

Shout-out to the following students for being named to the Honor Roll for the 4th  Six Weeks Grading Period:

A Honor Roll -

Seniors - Ciera Barnett, Dominic Eryou, Kaitlin Lewis, Tyler Nitchen, Taylor Woodard

Juniors -

Sophomores - Lucas Bishop, Will Braidfoot, Elijah Bravo, Raiden Compton, Minnesha Jones, Bayley Waters

Freshman - Chandler Compton, Victoria Johnston

A-B Honor Roll -

Seniors - Joseph Burks, J.T. Cobb, Makayla Cockrell, Claudia Counce, Alex Thomas, Austin Wells, Amy White

Juniors - Katie Berryman, Waverly Dover, Eryn Gillespie, Natalie Tucker, Alexis Weeks

Sophomores - Emily Alred, Christian Bolden, Tyler Bush, Kaylan Denmark, Josh Eryou, Haley Hutto, Trevor Looney, Savannah Simmons, Terrel Simpson, Christopher Terry, Nicholas Terry, Brylee Treadway

Freshman - Anna Holden, Brian Knight, Elizabeth Morrow, Carley Peters, Anna Kate Segars, Nancy Smith, Sara Smith, Andrew Treadway, Megan Vess


Shout-out to the following Juniors for meeting Benchmark on the ACT Mock Exam:

Alexa Alexander, Kristian Barrett, Julia Bayne, Kelly Beason, Katie Berryman, Katy Curtis, Noah Dean, Waverly Dover, Trent Earp, Maleah Fuller, Josh Garrett, Eryn Gillespie, Blake Glover, Zachary Goodlow, Blake Harris, Preston Hubbard, Dillon Jones, Gavin Latham, Samuel Manchester, James Parker, Luke Phillips, Alexis Sandlin, Emily Shelton, Trenton Treadway, Alexis Weeks


Shout-out to the following 10th Graders for meeting Winter Goals on Global Scholar:

Justin Allen, Emily Alred, Zach Alred, Lucas Biship, Christian Bolden, Will Braidfoot, Blake Bryant, Tyler Bush, Leanna Cannon, Jade Carr, Kelley Carroll, Serena Christopher, Mackenzie Coffey, Raiden Compton, Kaylan Dnmark, Carson Dishon, Terique Evans, Shawn Grissom, Emmalyn Hale, Alana Hargrove, Danielle Hargrove, John Hatcher, Preston Hickson, Dustin Hill, Minnesha Jones, Shelby Kirby, Starla Leach, Trevor Looney, Merlie Lynch, Haley Nelson, Kimberly Potts, Brent Proctor, Olivia Shankle, Terrel Simpson, Shea Sims, Nicholas Terry, Brylee Treadway, Bayley Waters, Hayley Whitaker


Shout-out to the following 9th Graders for meeting Winter Goals on Global Scholar:

Alexis Anderson, Demontae Braden, Austin Cagle, Devin Childers, Charles Cobb, Chandler Compton, Zane Cooper, Christian Cottingham, Anna Dean, Will Fohner, Norman Garner, Kasi Greathouse, Nathan Hamilton, Zane Henderson, Christopher Herrington, Anna Holden, Dayton Howell, Raegen Hurst, Chloe Jenkins, Victoria Johnston, Clifford Jones, Sydney Kelso, Brandon Kilgo, Jeremiah Kirby, Logan Krank, Brandon Morgan, Elizabeth Morrow, Diego Olea, Danna Oliver, Carley Peters, Mary Reeves, April Roof, Anna Kate Segars, Nathan Senior, Valerie Shannon, Will Sherill, Sara Smith, Brenda Sparks, Kade Stephenson, Trevor Stevens, Payton Stewart, Calhoun Swader, Lori Terry, Megan Vess, Nicholas White, Dylan Wrenn


ELHS @ Random

Caught on Tape

Will and Marcus demonstrate why only one side of the moon is visible from Earth

Eagle Baseball and Softball Action

Shakespeare Drama and Wit Wars in Hutto's AP Literature

Sizemore's Economics practicing their commercials


A sample from the EL Blitz

More from the EL Blitz

ELHS School-wide Ice Cream Party

Vick's AP Biology Organism Response Lab with Minnows and Crickets using observation, hypothesis, and Chi Square analysis

ELHS Baseball Team Spirit Walk and Playoff Celebration

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