Animism is the oldest spiritual belief system known. Archeologists recently found evidence for animism dating back at least 70,000 years in Africa. In animism, humans do not consider themselves to be the center of the Universe. They notice that many animals are stronger, faster, or smarter about certain things than humans. Many animals can do things that humans cannot, like as fly through the air, live underwater, and so on. Trees are stronger than humans, and they live much longer. Trees have their own spirits and knowledge and are revered by many cultures. Stones are known to be much older and wiser than humans. Their vibrations are not disturbed by ours, but they can affect us. They believe that nature has a lot more power then people do.


Shintoism originated in japan. The word Shintoism is said to have originated from the words "Shin" meaning spirit and "to" which means a philosophical path. Shintoism is popularly believed to be a Japanese religion. However according to another school of thought, "Shinto" means "The Way Of The Gods". And, Shintoism is the path that leads toward attainment of universal self. It is believed that when a man's life comes to an end, he becomes a Kami. Kami is regarded as a supernatural being who is equivalent to God. That is the time when he attains the universal self and becomes equal to God. But it would be wrong to assume that. Shintoism believes in worshiping spirits. It believes in existence of God within all living creatures which become manifested after death and equalizes to the supreme God. The dead spirits are better known as Kami. It is a belief that there is a Kami residing within all living and non living beings and again there are supreme Kami residing over all the Kami.


Hinduism originated in India. Hinduism is derived from the Persian word for Indian. It differs from Christianity and other Western religions in that it does not have a single founder, a specific theological system, a single system of morality, or religious organization. Its roots are traceable to the Indus valley civilization circa 4000 to 2200 BCE. Its development was influenced by many invasions over thousands of years. One of the major influences occurred when Indo-Europeans invaded Northern India from the steppes of Russia and Central Asia. They brought with them their religion of Vedism. These beliefs became mixed with the indigenous Indian native beliefs.


Buddhism originated in India but then it moved out of India to China, Japan, Korea, and South East Asia. the religion was spread by missionaries. Buddhism was all based upon the "Four Noble Truths" the first is, everyone suffers the second is, suffering is caused by having desire, the third is to end suffering then to end your desires, and the fourth is to follow the eight fold path.


Taoism originated in China. Its Holy text is the Tao Te Ching. There main belief is to fallow the way of nature. They never challenge the natural procces they always accept the things they get as they come.


Confucianism originated in China. the holy text of Confucianism is Analects. They believe that they need to show great respect to there parents and their elders. The five relation ships are father to son older brother to younger brother husband to wife ruler to subjects and friends equal friends.


Judaism started in the middle east in Palestine, but then it got kicked out by the Romans. most of the Jews started going to the big cities to be Ghettos. They only believe in one god witch is called monotheism. They believed that god would send down a messiah (savior) to take the Jews up in heaven and save them all.


Christianity started in the middle east. its holy text is the bible. They are monotheistic as well. they also believe that one day god will send down Jesus as the messiah and save them all. Christianity slowly worked its way into the roman empire and eventually become the main belief in the whole empire.


Islam started in the middle east. its holy text is the Koran. They are also monotheistic, but the don't believe in the same god as the Jews and the Christians the believe in Allah. the religious laws of Islam became so important that they became the political laws of the nations. "five Pillars of Faith" Recite- say each day" there is no god but Allah and Mohamed is his prophet." Charity- give regularly, Fast- go without food from sunrise to sunset during the holy month, and Pilgrimage- try to make a journey to mecca at least once in your life.

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