Teens Suicide Preventions

Facts means "Feelings, Actions, Changes, Threats, and Situation"
The letter F means "Fearing of losing control, going crazy, harming himself/herself or others".
The letter A means "Aggression:getting into fights or having arguments".
The letter C in FACTS mean "Can't concentrate at school or regular task".
The letter T in the word Facts mean

  The letter T in the word FACTS means "Threats like,"I won't be here much longer", or " Don't tell anyone else," . . . " You want be my friend if you tell".

The letter S means in the word FACTS is, situations and that stands for is "Getting in trouble at school, at home, or with the law".

  If your friend is going to kill himself/ herself  try to prevent that from happening or tell someone else until it stops.

We could stop teens from suicide by talking  positive not getting them down we can increase, but we can not decrease.

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