The Haggerty Art Museum

  The Haggerty Museum is Marquette University's public art museum that is home to many famous pieces that some have traveled all around the world. At the current time they have an exhibit called Dark Blue- The Water As A Protagonist. Which includes work from artists who used water as an active element.

Trangressing The Pacific

There is a particular set of Photographs taken by Zoe Crosher of vacant beaches seemed to catch my eye and was the favorite in my eyes. They are from the Los Angeles Line. And each are a representation of people going missing. Or as some like to say they have gone as far west as as they can, meaning they have fallen into the pacific and are now lost at sea. Some of these famous  such as Natalie Wood, Michael Douglas and Anne Semple Phendson have been some of the people that have gone missing this way.

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