What its like to have parents who                 does drugs


Living with parents who do drugs is not easy for anyone. Especially for a teenager trying to shape their own identity. Being surrounded by the influence of drugs can have lifelong damages on the child's health and well being. A child living in a home with even one parent who abuses alcohol/drugs is significantly more likely to live in a state of chaos and uncertainty. Parents who abuse substances often have mood swings which can leave the child unsure of how mom or dad will be feeling on any given day. This constant state of uncertainty creates a sense of insecurity for children.

Parents who do drugs: Geographically

Studies show that the availability of illegal drugs in a users immediate residential area is associated with their use. Certain areas of the country or even the state in which you live seem to have higher rates of reported drug abuse. Studies from the SAMHSA survey show that that the rate of illegal drug use among people 12 or older is higher in more populated areas with 9.2% in large metropolitan areas, 8.7% in small metropolitan areas, and 7.2% across non metropolitan counties. Studies also indicate that while most residents of smaller, rural areas may disapprove of illegal drug use, they may resort to things like alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, etc. The correlation between geography and drug abuse may not be the reason people become addicts, but it does show interesting influential trends. A family that lives in a drug ridden area is more susceptible to having an experience with drugs which will obviously have a huge negative effect.

Parents who do drugs: Economically

Doing drugs is a great way to get all of your money sucked right out of your pocket. Every time you purchase a drug whether its marijuana, cocaine, etc. you are spending money that could be used to pay your light bill, your child's health care, an overdue water bill, or your rent, things like that. If a family is living in a rented out home and the parent forgets to pay the rent or simply doesn't have enough money because it's being spent on illegal substances, that family will be kicked out of the home. This just proves that the parent buying these drugs is being selfish in caring about their own needs over their child's. The health bills is also a huge factor in families economic problems. If mom or dad has a bad effect from a drug and is sent to the hospital, who pays the bill? What if there's no money left for it? A health bill can be thousands of dollars not to mention rehab. It is estimated that some 45 million people who have a reported drug problem receive the required treatment, at a global cost of about $35 billion annually.

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Final Thoughts

It is tough for children to have to deal with a chaotic, insecure home. Especially for a teenager developing their own identity. Just one step into the drug world can begin a landslide of unnecessary problems. Living in a drug ridden home can be unpredictable and it is very important, as hard as it may be, to keep the children safe and on the right track.

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