Transferring and transforming Energy

The video above shows mechanical energy because the person is trying to life the weight therefore he is using mechanical energy

the photo above is transferring nuclear to heat

This shows chemical to light

This is showing how radiation becomes heat

Example of sound, sound waves

The ceiling fan is showing the electrical to mechanical energy.

The geothermal system is showing heat to electricity. This is shown by just having an air system and just having it go throught a ceratin system and just making the area or room heated.

The large gears show us that the use of mechanical energy is turned in to sound energy. When the gears get old they tend to make screechy noises and loud noises as they rotate round and round.

The solar panels are an amazing example of light to electric. When the sun is hitting the panel, the panel is connected to the electricity box and will produce natural light for the building or area.

This is a form of electric to light. The light bulb is connected to a source that is connected to a wire and the wire is connected to a switch. When the switch is turned on the bulb is creating light.

As you can see by the word heat, this is showing heat to mechanical energy.

This picture shows potential to kinetic energy. It can also show kinetic to potential.

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