I believe that people are born with the instinct of helping others. However, depending on the situation people can act differently. For instance, humble people are more inclined and willing to help other people than arrogant people. The most important factor is to help unconditionally without waiting for anything in return. It’s called altruism. For example, you can work voluntarily doing social activities in a huge variety of institutions such as prisons, retirement house, and juvenile detention centers. As a norm of reciprocity, helping someone, the probability of being helped is greater. To give you an example, helping someone handle a bank account, when such person doesn’t know how to do this, could be the beginning of a friendship. Later, you can be helped by that person as well. Even with so many good consequences from this action, sometimes people don’t help. Why don’t they help? Some reasons are listed to make this understandable: they might be too busy, they don’t feel safe at the moment, they think that people in need can help themselves, and not because they are selfish. Again, I repeat, people are born with the nature to help.