Social 30-1 Mobile Apps

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This presentation will display several mobile apps that can be used in a Social Studies classroom to help increase the effectiveness of classroom learning and inspire greater interest and interaction of students.

App 1: HistoryTools

HistoryTools is a free app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod that lists all the famous and infamous people who were born and died on that date, and the major events that occurred on that date. This tool can be used by students get a kick start in finding ideas for papers, and can be an interesting way for teachers to start the day by telling their class the significance of the day in history.

App 2: History Maps

History Maps is a free app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod that allows students to explore interactive maps illustrating geopolitical and geographic shifts over time. Students can also peruse the various cartographies and research the historical significance of each major change through text and other media.

App 3: National Geographic Magazine

The National Geographic Magazine app is an online subscription to the National Geographic that is available on the iPad and iPhone, and can be purchased through single issues, along with monthly and annual subscriptions. This app would allow students to read and learn about issues and events that are occurring in the world today. It can be a great way to bring up current events in class and allow student to look into world issues that they are interested in.

App 4: Model UN

The Model UN app is a free app that can be accessed by the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It is a great app for student to easily look up information about different countries and their backgrounds. Students have quick access to information like socio-cultural, infrastructure, and geographical data, all of which can be accessed without the need for internet connection.

App 5: Fotopedia Reporter

Fotopedia Reporter is a free app for the iPad that allows students to create their own photo stories to share the things that interest them with their peers. Teachers can have students create their own photo stories about a Social Studies issue that interests the students as an assignment. These photo stories can be published and shared with the Fotopedia community, or they can be shared privately with peers and teachers.

App 6: Timetoast

Timetoast is a free app that can be used on the iPad in which students and teachers can create their own timelines about specific people, places, and events. Students can sign up with a free account and teachers can have them create a timeline about certain topics that pertain to the Social Studies course. Student can have text descriptions and can add videos to accompany the events they have pointed out on their timeline.

App 7: SurveyMonkey

Survey monkey is a polling app that has free sign up services that teachers can use to design their own surveys and polls to get student opinions on certain questions and topics relating to Social Studies. Survey are totally customizable and can allow students to anonymously give their opinion on certain topics in the class without having to actually voice their opinions in front of the class.

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