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Hello! Welcome to the Islam page where u will learn everything i know about Islam. Muhammad is the founder of the Islam religion, the Islam religion was founded in 610 CE, in Mecca. Muhammad's wife, who was the first to know of this religion other then Muhammad. Islams holy book is called the Quran, which also happen's to be what the Jewish and Christian scriptures. After Muhammad's death their was no real successor. the leadership successor was believed to be called Caliph. Caliph's were successor's from Muhammad's tribe. the two subgroups, believed differently. Sunnis believed that the successors should be chosen by who was a good Muslim (free Will). the Shi'a Believed that the successors were decedents from Muhammad. the five pillars were Declaration of faith, daily prayer, alms of the poor, fast during Ramada, and Hajj

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