Pre-AP Biology at HHS9

aka - Living Biology with Mr. Early

Course Description

Welcome! This is an interactive course in which you will learn about all the intricacies, details and beauty of LIFE! Topics include ecology, cells, genetics, evolution, human body systems, microorganisms, plants and animals. My job is to help you learn. Your job is the most important one and requires you to actively participate and come to class ready to learn. If you do your job you will be successful and I think you will end up really enjoy what you find. You must take responsibility for your own learning. Science is not a spectator sport!


It is important that you come to class every day with the following:
1. iPad - charged and ready for action
2. Recommended: Composition Journal to write in for those times when you just need to write.

Class Supplies - please bring in as soon as possible
3. Roll of Paper Towels (1st and 2nd period)
4. Box of Kleenex (3rd period)


Major Grades (Tests, Projects, Announced Quizzes, and Formal Labs) – 70%
Minor Grades (Unannounced Quizzes, Informal Labs, Daily Work) – 30%
Midterm and Final Exams count for 15% of your grade each semester

If you miss a day it is your responsibility to make it up. If you miss a day be sure to check the calendar on the website or in Google Drive for notes and additional information.

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