Easter Food

Let's look at some traditional food which is eaten at Easter. Look at the mosaic below and choose a photo. Now tell your partner why you chose that photo.


Now look at the  word  cloud below. Place  the  words  into  three  groups:

  • words  that  collocate  with  chocolate
  • words  that  collocate  with  Easter
  • words  that  collocate  with  lamb.

Decide whether these words go before or after the words chocolate, Easter and lamb. You may also need to add articles and prepositions.


dark chocolate   hot chocolate   milk chocolate   chocolate bunny   chocolate milk             a mug of chocolate    white chocolate     a bar of chocolate (or a chocolate bar)              a box of chocolates   chunks of chocolate (or chocolate  chunks)   a square of chocolate


Happy  Easter    over  Easter   Easter  holiday     at  Easter     Easter  week     Easter  bunny


a  leg  of  lamb      stuffed  lamb  (or  lamb  stuffed  with...)     a  joint  of lamb (or lamb joint)     lamb  chops    a  rack  of  lamb     lamb  shanks     roast  lamb     to carve  lamb     tender  lamb


We are now going to watch a video. Find a partner. One of you will sit with your back to the screen. The other one will describe what he sees on the screen. The first time you will listen. The second time you will listen and take notes.

Now switch chairs. Let's watch a second video and do the same thing.

Now make a list of the similarities and differences between the two videos.


Draw three columns. Label them hot cross buns, lamb, and chocolate. You are going to watch the first video with the sound on and listen for words related to these three foods. Write them in the columns.

Now watch video 2 with the sound on and listen for differences in the way the food is described. Compare notes with a partner.



Have a conversation in groups of three. Use as much of the vocabulary from today's lesson as you can.


This weekend, take a picture of something you eat at Easter. Bring it to class and be ready to talk about it.