Eastern White Pine

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Observation Day 20 - 10/30/14
Observation Day 19 - 10/29/14
Observation Day 18 - 10/28/14
Observation Day 17 - 10/23/14
Observation Day 16 - 10/22/14

It has been raining a lot. I hope my tree doesn't get over-watered.

Observation Day 15 - 10/16/14

It has been very rainy. I don't think my tree will go without water.

Observation Day 14 - 10/15/14

My tree is looking a little bare on the top, and a little browner every day.

Observation Day 13 - 10/14/14

It's cloudy outside today, but my tree still looks the same as yesterday.

Observation Day 12 - 10/10/14

The tree is losing its dark green color. The top looks to be becoming a bit browner.

Observation Day 11 - 10/9/14

Brown needles are accumulating under the tree. I thought pine trees weren't supposed to shed their needles? I guess we'll find out...

Observation Day 10 - 10/8/14

It is another dreary day. The tree remains the same for the most part. Needles are beginning to shed, and pine cones are beginning to fall.

Observation Day 9 - 10/7/14

It is a chilly day today, but my tree still stands strong. Its branches and needles are all in tact, and seemingly have not changed since my visit yesterday.

Observation Day 8 - 10/2/14

It is the first day of October and my tree still hasn't changed. As the other trees are losing their leaves or are almost completely bare, my tree still has all its needles. It will never shed its needles unless it dies.

Observation Day 7 - 10/1/14

The tree has not changed since my last visit. Te weather was gloomy today, and I think it makes the tree look a little sad.

Observation Day 6 - 9/30/14

More seed cones were found on the ground under the tree. Everything else remains the same.

Observation Day 5 - 9/26/14

The tree remains healthy. Nothing has changed or affected it from what can be seen.

Observation Day 4 - 9/24/14

My tree has not changed. The needles remain green. Pine cones are mostly located at the top, which makes it hard to get a good view of them. Occasionally there are more scattered beneath the tree.

Observation Day 3 - 9/22/14

The tree has not changed since the last visit. There are still pollen cones at the top, and there are no visible emerging needles. However, there are pollen cones that have fallen off of the tree and are now located under it.

Observation Day 2 - 9/19/14

The tree is green and seems healthy. There are pollen cones located at the top. There do not seem to be any emerging needled

Observation Day 1 - 9/17/14

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