Heroes That Compare

Amber Barrington Johnson 1st

Diffrences of 3 Great Heroes

Matt, Ariel, and De'monte have been a great help to certain people in their area. They have had differences set aside that are very revealing. For example, Matt Saved People During Hurricane Sandy. Ariel did otherwise, she helped recover lost things after Hurricane Sandy. De'monte, he helped a group of infants and toddlers make it through Hurricane Katrina. Although they each helped out in different ways, all the help they gave is what was needed for those people . They each also got rewarded differently. Matt did not really earn anything except for the right to be called a hero to people. Ariel went to the white house and got an award for all of the hard work she has done. De'monte, earned a book for him self and the oppritunity to be saved by his parents.

Similarities Between These 3 Heroes

These 3 humans have great hearts to me, as well as to others. Each of these 3 heroes have helped because of A Hurricane that occurred within their area. They were each children that helped, not grown ups. As you can also see, each of their names have been brought to the public's attention somehow. In this time period of the world, alot of people do not have a care

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