Finally Over

And Finally Summer

Finals, are finally over! For some reason I feel really happy!!! ^^ I guess it's cause I saw HIM today, even if his friends blocked the view. =3= Oh, and I guess it's cause school is finally over. Yehey!!! While my friends are out having a *laag with our Chinese teacher and some of our classmates in our Chinese class I'm just here having a soundtrip...reading...interneting (a word which actually exists in my world) and doing random stuff that'll pass the time or in short having NO life. TT^TT So, right now I'm just listening to this song that I can really relate to (Eww, cheesy. xP). I'll be posting it but SOME of you might not understand it...*whispers*it's in Filipino. AND I am too lazy to translate the lyrics to English. Yes, I'm a lazy ass. -_-So, I'll just search for a translation on the net. Today was pretty weird too, like trying to talk to him but then chickening out...ugh!!! Enough of that "depressing" subject. Summer is here and I've got that summer viiiibe (Don't tell me you don't that song)!!! And as usual every summer, I shall stay in my room and do nothing. So, right now I have to go and plan what are the nothings I shall do on summer.




Oh, right, here's the song:

Here are the lyrics WITH the English translation:

Your little neko,