Eating Healthy In Summers

It is spring now and just round the corner we will have summer replenishing our refrigerators with the season’s freshest and best. The markets will have more fresh fare to choose rom. But summers is also the time when diseases caused by lack of hygiene keeps us worried. Eating healthy and staying away from the doctor’s is a challenge.

Fried Dough Doesn’t Belong in Anyone’s Plate
Fried dough is easier to find in Indian menus than anywhere else because it is easier to make and is almost a staple in Indian diet. We know it by several names – parantha, poories, oil-fried rotis – you name it, at the end of the day its fried dough that you can simply avoid. It turns even worse for your health if you mix it with butter, sugar and oil! Keeping that in mind, don’t just step into any fast food restaurant you come across. The smaller ones are not too concerned with making things very healthy for you. Indulging in it once in a while is just fine but if you crave for fast food too many times every week, do step into a place that serves healthy fast food.

Corn on the cob
Nothing beats the taste and goodness of a corn cob in summer. You can always add a dash of lime or lemon to it to make things interesting but even plain roasted corn with a little butter on the cob is enough to make an awesome side dish to chicken or a healthy chicken burger at Fast food restaurant. The only thing that you need is corn cobs which you need to get from outside because we believe no restaurant serves corn on the cob.

Water – the best fluid to drink in summer (and winter!)
Sweating profusely in summers is common. It is difficult not to be drawn to cold drinks in summers instead of water, but water is, by and far, the best fluid you can drink to replenish the loss of fluids in summer. Sweetened and carbonated drinks are not something we would advise you to drink if you feel thirsty. After gulping down a bottle of cold drinks you may feel thirstier instead and that is because carbonated drinks are diuretic in nature and they do the job of getting rid of water. So it is best avoided in summers as much as possible. If you get bored with water all the time or have the urge for a cup of caffeine try iced tea or coffee, these are far better than anything you will ever find in a bottle of coloured beverage.

Author Bio: Indulging once in a while in the delicious goodness of the food served at a fast food restaurant is fine as long as you are eating healthier stuff other times. Read to find out how to eat healthy in summers.