Eating Out? You Can Still Eat Healthy after Consulting a Restaurant Blog

New York City is not just a hub for fashion and style, it’s also home to hundreds of amazing restaurants. Most people don’t have the time (or money) to taste test each restaurant until they exhaust them all. That’s why it’s best to consult one of the best restaurant blogs like TeresaTastes, so you can read reviews and ideas for the chef’s best dishes.

On TeresaTastes you’ll find all the information you need including pictures, the best dishes on the menu, usually the chef’s name, where the restaurant is located, the general style and ambience of the restaurant and of course, the type of food you’ll find there. By consulting one of the best restaurant blogs for NYC restaurants, you’ll be able to amp up your evening by choosing a restaurant that best coordinates with you, your guest(s), and the mood of the night. Some of the restaurants that TeresaTastes highlight on her blog include Beauty and Essex in the Lower East Side, Xian Famous Foods, Chalk Point Kitchen, Sakamai, and Babbo. And, once you’ve visited the restaurant, you’re invited to leave a comment about your experience.

When you are out on the town and enjoying all of the amazing experiences these restaurants have to offer, don’t forget to eat healthy. Following the Paleolithic diet is an excellent way to clear you body of toxins and stress, while cleansing your mind, as well. The Paleolithic diet involves eating foods that are not in any way “fake,” like so many foods that are in stores today. Eating fresh and unprocessed foods like wild meat and fish, fruit, and vegetables will keep anybody healthy and strong, when eaten moderately.

TeresaTastes, one of the best restaurants blogs for New York City, offers advice on how to eat clean, fresh and maintain a supercharged life through natural eating. Food you can enjoy on the Paleolithic diet include healthful oils, eggs, nuts and seeds (but not peanuts which are legumes), grass-produced meats, fish and seafood (for abundant omega 3’s) and tons of fruits and vegetables.

Many of the restaurants in New York City, with their trendy dishes and modern techniques offer this, with sometimes just a few tweaks. For example, wheat and cereal grains are not part of the healthy living diet. At Hudson Bond, if you order the Crabcake and Vege Sliders, skip the buns for a perfectly delectable Paleo alternative.

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