Eat Rite Foods

Nutritious, Gluten-Free Meal Options

About Eat Rite Foods

Eat Rite Foods creates healthy meals with nutritious, carefully selected ingredients designed to help people achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals. With all dishes packaged in single servings, tasty product lines encompass wraps, entrees, snacks, and pizza. All of these low carb meals minimize sodium and sugar while boosting protein intake. Created within an in-house kitchen by an experienced chef, Eat Rite Foods never contain dyes or additives, and are 100 percent MSG-free.

The Clearlake, California company is led by founders Richard and Patricia LaPlante, who established the enterprise with a vision of meeting the needs of busy families who find it increasingly difficult to prepare balanced meals on their own. No-fuss entrees are designed for maximum convenience, and heat quickly in the microwave. Among popular gluten-free dishes are a New Orleans healthy brunch and a Mediterranean risotto meal. Providing the necessities for a balanced and well-rounded diet, Eat Rite also offers bread rolls and crisp bar snacks with no gluten.

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