Eat this, not that!

& other important food facts

Eat this- Not that!

Instead of Whole Wheat Bread,
eat Ezekiel Bread

Whole wheat bread supplied at local fast-food chained restaurants such as Subway, serve breads that contain an ingredient, azodicarbonamide, causing asthmatic like symptoms in some people. Ezekiel bread contains no harmful ingredients, and no flour.

Instead of Agave, use Sweet Leaf Stevia

Humans actually process the Agave "natural" sweetener into belly fat. Stevia is a better option, but make sure to look for the 'sweet leaf.'

Instead of Gatorade,
drink raw coconut water

Gatorade is made up of sugars and chemicals. It predominately used BBO's, leaving the body with short spurts of cheap energy. Better sources of energy are raw coconut water, chia seeds and celery.

Instead of store-bought Almond Milk, make it at home.

Store bought almond milk usually carries an ingredient known as carrageenan, causing bloating and sedated-like symptoms. People who are heavy almond milk drinkers also have been known to have GI problems due to consuming this ingredient. Making almond milk at home is easy: 1 cup raw almonds, 3 cups water, vanilla or another sweetener Try this recipe.

Instead of frozen yogurt,
eat real ice cream.

Most commercial frozen yogurts have lost most of the beneficial ingredients during the conversion process into an ice cream-like substitute. It's best just to satisfy your sugar craving, and go for the real ice cream instead, in moderation, of course.

Did you know?

Bottled Water vs Tap Water

Recent findings show that major bottled water suppliers source their water from municipal water supplies, same as the tap water that comes out of most water faucets. A person would spend around three times as much to fill up their gas tank with bottled water than gasoline.