Have a lice life Soldiers

Come to France to feed on the finest Britain blood on this side of Europe. These trenches are perfect environments for breeding grounds. Come to paralice and relax in the hair of these soldiers. This is a invitation to all kinds of lice, public lice, hair lice, even body lice. The soldiers tactics of washing their clothes wont kill all the eggs and their body heat will hatch our eggs once they come out of the washer. They can never lessen our numbers. If we can hide on their scalp we will live up to 30 days, but if we fall off only 2. We will have numbers in strength because our nits will hatch in only 8 days. They will become adult lice and laying eggs in another 7 days. Our best louses can lay up to 10 eggs a day. Those soldiers will be too occupied with trench foot and getting food/ keeping it healthy to eat. Lice are responsible for 15% of all diseases in the British Army right now. So when we go lets make that 15% to 25%.

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