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Emma Hennesey's Movement Westward

Mr. Rae   October 29, 2014   Exploration - Humanities

First, I would like to share how I will move to this "North America" that is spoken of. I will gather many people and supplies including...

- ships, boats, paddles, life jackets

- plenty of fresh water, plenty of food

PLUS people specializing in painting, building, steering (ships), cooking, leadership, etc.

*there will be more to come if you can afford and will fund my exploration*

Those are some of the things I will bring on my expedition. Do you want to know how Samuel de Champlain will affect my trip? Well, he discovered and mapped (now known as) Quebec, Canada for three years while exploring that area. He is one of the main reasons I chose to go to Quebec for my trip. I plan to continue his settlement and make it even better. Look below for more information!

Here is a path of my expedition I plan to go on:

King Louis XIII, I am here to continue your powerful kingdom, to give you as much glory as possible. I will get the job done in no time, just for you. I realize that I am from Switzerland, but now that I live closer to you, I am for you and only you. No one else. I look up to you for every task given and hope to grow closer to you.

Before you ask all your questions, I would like to remind you that it is only 1611 and not everything is going to go well. I have prepared a short speech to share how I will handle those hardships when they hit. I will also explain some goals and the main resources I will be searching for. Let us take a look:

Exploration Information

I have been issued here today, King Louis XIII, to speak and share my goals, hopes, and predicaments of traveling westward. Your Kingdom of France WILL NOT be let down by my services, sir. I know your expectations and I know mine. Just to give an overview I would like to share some physical items I know you will want me to bring back. These souvenirs include gold, silver, maps, salt, spices, and other valuable items. I will find gold and silver to give to you and/or trade it for better items. I would find maps because they are pretty rare and I could trade them. Salt and spices seem helpful because they can preserve foods and add flavor to the foods we find. I assure you I will find and bring those right back to you and your kingdom. To remind you about some competition, England and Spain are sending some of their folks to look for cattle ranches, gold mines, sugar plantations, coal, and everything else I mentioned earlier. I can absolutely find those if they are needed too.

Shifting gears, I certainly expect problems to occur in North America. These may include conflict between other European Explorers and Native Americans, trade argument, and land disagreement. I will handle these conflicts in different ways. I will take care of trade argument by avoiding the groups, or tribes, that do not handle trading very well. I would try to create an alliance with the “good groups” and get them to trade for me as necessary. Land is going to be hard to get at, but I know how to do it right. If war spreads because of all the disagreement, I would retreat the area and find a better place where those people are not at. For people in North America that I do not agree with, I would (at first) try to understand their culture and talk with them. If conflict arrives, I would find a different territory and avoid them.


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