Lisi Harrison (1970 - present)

Lisi writes the series The Clique, Alphas, & Monster High

Facts About Lisi

🌺 writes young-adult fiction

🌺 worked at MTV for 12 years

🌺 moved to Montreal when she was 18

🌺 was a head writer at MTV

🌺 became a film major at McGill University

🌺 transferred to Emerson College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree

🌺 moved to Manhattan, NY to work with MTV

🌺 in 2004 Lisi quit her job at MTV to become a full time writer

🌺 Lisi said, "It was MTV, not middle school that inspired me to write The Clique."

🌺 grew up in Toronto, Canada

Lisi and her chihuahua, Bee Bee

Lisi with a fan at a book signing

Toronto, Canada

Emerson College, where Lisi went to college

Revenge of the Wannabes

          The book I've recently read is Revenge of the Wannabes, one of The Clique books by Lisi. The basic story-line of the book is about Massie and her "Pretty Committee" which includes Dylan, Kristin, Alicia, and a new member, Claire. Their school, OCD, has a fashion contest for the best design for school uniforms. Alicia and her team member, Olivia, cheat by switching the voting boxes around. The winners got to do a photo shoot with Teen Vogue Magazine. Massie, Dylan, and Kristin decide to get revenge by sabotaging Alicia's photo shoot.

Revenge of the Wannabes book cover

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