Career Clusters: Government and Public   Administration

Some Careers In This Cluster: Politician,Protocol Officer,
Government Property Inspector/Investigator, Government Relations Officer

Executing governmental functions including governance, national security, foreign service, planning, revenue and taxation, regulation, and management and administration at the local, state and federal levels.Because of its public nature, the factors that influence federal government staffing levels are unique. The Congress and President determine the government's payroll budget. Each Presidential Administration and Congress have different public policy priorities, which increase levels of federal employment in some programs and decrease federal employment in others. State and local government employment is projected to increase approximately 10 percent during the next decade.


~Politicians are people who are elected by the public to various leadership positions. They may be elected to a local school board, city council, state legislature or even the U.S. Congress.Although only people who can vote actually elect people to government, politicians work for everyone in their constituency. No matter what the level, the job of the politician is the same.A politician is a public official who creates or proposes laws that further the general interests of the publi

Protocol Officer

Protocol officers think about everything from security to the type of gifts that can be presented to different leaders.The work of government protocol officers generally includes regulating official visits and events.The word protocol refers to the customs and rules of politeness and courtesy established between an individual and society.

Government Relations Officer

~Government relations officers usually represent clients with a special public or private interest. They discuss issues with politicians at all levels of government in the hope of influencing legislative proceedings and helping pass bills into laws that would benefit those they represent. They also wrangle for government funding for their clients, and teach members of their organizations how to lobby on their own.