Chinese Dynasties

The Sui, Tang, And Song Dynasties

The Sui Dynasty

The Sui Dynasty was created and led by Yang Jian who oversaw Luoyang right after the end of the 350 year rain of The Period of Disunion and became the first ever Emperor. During this time, The Sui Dynasty used preexisting  models of dynasties to help work to make a centralized government. While The Sui Dynasty had great achievements in government such as restoring order to his people, creating a new legal code, and a reformed bureaucracy. This document highlights most of the important things about the Sui Dynasty.  

The Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty was formed when a  Sui general seized power and founded their Dynasty. They continued to rule China from 618 to 907, almost 300 years total. Of course this wouldn't have been possible without being under the rule of Taizong. Bringing China into a period of prosperity and cultural achievements  such as building a strong government on upon preexisting ways and creating a great capital for themselves at Chang'an. does a great in depth job of covering the Tang Dynasty.

The Song Dynasty

After the Tang Dynasty, China again split apart and was not reunified until 960, with the Song Dynasty. Like the Tang Dynasty, the Song ruled for about 300 years, until 1279. Again, also like the Tang Dynasty, the Song brought great prosperity while under their rule. They did this by trading all over with other countries and building a strong, unified government for their capital, Kaifeng. This is a great website to find more about the culture of the Song Dynasty. This video explains not only the Sui, Tang, and Song Dynasty from 1:20 to about 3:13 but also a lot about Chinese culture and history as well throughout  the whole video.

The Mongols

Throughout the history of northern China, they had been attacked by nomadic people. These attacks became more frequent during the Song Dynasty. In the 1200's a nomadic people called the Mongols burst forth from Central Asia and would create the largest land empire in history. Temujin or Genghis Khan, led the Mongols into an enormous empire of their own in which they would rule from 1206 to 1368. Not only were they amazing battle statistics, but they also ruled in such a manner that people some what enjoyed being under their rule. A great website on almost everything about the Mongols. Crash Course does a wonderful job of more explanation of their history here

Japanese Clans

The Yamato Clan

One of the most revered kami in Japan was Amaterasu, the sun goddess. According to legend, Japans first emperor was the grandson of the sun goddess. This emperor belonged to the Yamato Clan, which claimed the sun goddess as its ancestor. The Yamato Clan lived on the Yamato plain, a rich farming region on the island of Honshu. By 500 AD the clan controlled much of Honshu even though they did not control all of Japan, they refereed to each other as the emperors of Japan.

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