A Republic Made Of Factions

"...a pure democracy can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of faction."
-Federalist #10, James Madison

Summary And Significance Of Federalist #10

A republic that harbors a large population will prove to be diverse and divided. This diversity will create groups of people joioned together on beliefs and morals, called factions. There is no cure or prevention of factions but we can accomodate their interest and improvise on amendments and solutions.

Believe In Your Interest !

Reasoning Behind The Song And Picture

Ab-Soul goes on to state that the people hold just as much power as the government and should be respected as equals. The way he represents his factions is rather different then most. He joins other rappers like Danny Brown and they rap about their issues and create factions. 

Today our country is divided on several major issues like gay marriage, abortion, and etc.  The buttons on the picture have motivated people to feel strongly about their beliefs and create factions. Madicson said around the lines that there is no way to cure of factions. They only way to control their effects is to make amendments and reach agreemnets on the subject.

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