The Trojan War

By: Corbin Jones

The Background

     The Trojan war was a war between Greece and Troy.    This war started after Paris stole Helen from her husband Menelaus the king of Sparta.  The greeks needed to find a way into the city of troy.  Just then a man Odysseus came up with the brilliant plan to "give" the Trojans a horse as a "present".  Odysseus ordered the horse to be built it was large wooden and hollow so that soldiers could fit inside along with him.  

     This statue was built by the artist Epeius!  Once the horse was built some of the soldiers along with Odysseus climbed inside and waited while the rest of the greek fleet sailed off.  There was one man left Simon who played a huge role in what is to come.  He cried to the Trojans "the greeks they've deserted me here, left me to die".  He assured them that it would bring them luck.

     The Trojans cheering with joy thinking they were victorious.  Gladly all but two of the officials decided to accept the gift and pulled it into their city.  That night is when the soldiers snuck out of the giant wooden horse and brutally killed the trojans.  Then the rest of their army arrived and conquered the city of troy.

This is the trojan horse, it plays a huge role in the trojan war.  This is because the greeks the enemies of the trojans had a plan to get soldiers into the city of troy and this is how they did it.

This is Odysseus, he is a famous character of Greek mythology because he is the creator of the Trojan horse that was used to invade the city of troy.

Major Facts

-The war lasted for 9 years.

- According to archaeologist's the city of troy was destroyed around 1180 B.C., which would mean that the war started around 1171 B.C.

-The city of troy throughout the war was being supplied by neighboring cities.

-The Greeks destroyed the trojan economy along with the economies of the neighboring cities that were supplying troy during the war.

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