What to Bring on a Galapagos Islands Tour

Packing for an adventure in a remote part of the world that isn’t frequented by many can seem like a daunting task. Those heading out for a Galapagos vacation, for example, may simply not know what to expect from the trip or what to bring with them. The great news is a Galapagos Islands tour does involve travel to a remote corner of the map, but visitors can rest assured their creature comforts will be seen to. As remote as it is, the Galapagos provides visitors with all the amenities they require, especially if a reputable Galapagos Islands tour is booked.So, what should people plan to bring with them? Here are just a few of the important items to consider when trekking to this incredible part of the world:

Climate appropriate clothing – Those embarking on Galapagos Island tours that involve heading out in luxury yachts, for example, will generally want to pack summer clothing and plenty of swim gear. Remember, it can get hot here and there is a rainy season. The warm season is from January to June and the dry season runs from about July to December. Average temperatures range from at about 69 to 84 degrees, so those from much warmer climates might want to bring along light jackets for the overnight hours. Those from cooler climates are likely to revel in the year-round warmth. Keep in mind flights to the islands may have weight restrictions, so only pack what is necessary. The right clothing, toiletries and sunscreen are all smart inclusions.

Passports – Make sure to have a passport in hand when traveling to Ecuador to head out to the Galapagos. Visas are not required for visitors from the United States, Canada and most European countries as long as the stay is planned for 90 days or less.

Camera equipment – With so many unusual sights to see, a good camera is a must have for a Galapagos vacation. Be sure to bring plenty of batteries or a charger and also bring along extra memory cards. Binoculars are also a good idea. For charging, check with the Galapagos Islands tour company to find out if any special adaptors are needed to plug in items such as camera batteries or cell phones.

A Galapagos vacation will take visitors to a very remote part of the world, but rest assured the comforts of home can be found here. To plan for an excellent trip, pack wisely and check with the tour operator for any special items to bring along or that are advised to be left at home.

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