EBay Seller’s Customer Support Experience

I am simply writing about recent customer care experience on eBay.

On 14th July 2014 I bought a Power Point controller to use during 16th July event. It was a last minute purchase. I did check it was First class free delivery and seller’s profile. Both assured me that I will get it before the event.

After my quick 2 minutes purchase, I received an email saying my item is on its way which was assuring for me. It says all I needed to know when I should be expecting delivery and there may be delay. It also says to contact the seller just in case there is delay which quite good way of avoiding unnecessary bad feedback. The good part is I received the Power Point Controller on the 16th happy days!

Here’s another email I received on the 20th asking if everything was OK with my order and requesting to leave feedback.

I found the way the seller emailed me at different stages of my purchase cycle was good and I applaud eBay for enabling sellers to do so. As a seller here’s what we need to takeaway:


1. Send dispatch email after dispatching the order

2. Mention to contact you if there is any issue with delivery

3. Check if everything was OK with the order rather than requesting feedback

It is important to update your customer of every stage of purchase cycle which assures them that their order is on its way.

So well done! Mylisarz, You got 10/10.

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