Internet Safety

Surfing Tips

- not every thing on the internet is true

- Never give personal Information

- If you fell uncomfortable on something, quit it

Know the risks

- You could, if you are not careful give personal info that could be harmful

- Robbed for example your bank account can get broken into

-  you could get bullied online (cyber Bullying)

Your Identity

- With social media platforms exclude personal information

-  Keep you online communications safe

- Before buying something online look for the S in the address bar

Social Networking tips

- Never join unknown group chat

- Neve give personal Info

- If someone asks who you are then leave the webpage right away

Other Ideas related to safety online

- be careful when someone offer you something for free online

- Always delete unknown emails

- if something make you comfortable then leave it right away


by: Ryan Murray and Trevor Plosaj

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