Touching spirit bear

Isha Handa, Sukhleen Kaur,Ura Savant, and Lucas Gates 9-1


Cole Matthews is an angry young boy that has been fighting and stealing for years. As a punishment of fighting his peer Peter Driscal and seriously hurting him, he is banished to an Alaskan island during Native American called circle justice. In the first few days of the banishment he burned down his shelter, supplies, and tried to escape. He gets mauled by the spirit bear. Given another chance by the circle justice to go back to the island. This time Cole learns many lessons including controlling his anger, healing himself, and lot other lessons. :)


settings in this novels are Minneapolis, Minnesota where Cole lives. However, the story mainly takes place in the Alaskan islands, where he is abandonded.  

Introduction of the main characters

COLE: He's short with blond hair. In the beginning of the novel Cole have attitude and anger. He can't control his anger. He doesn't like to be told of what to do. He hate his parents. He doesn't liked to be touched. He later eventually learns how to control his anger, how to apologize and forgive. Ex: Cole calls Peter to the island to relieve his stress by soaking in the pond, carrying the ancestor rock, another example would be cole apologized to Peter of what he has done to him.  

EDWIN: Tlingit Indian from Drake. He wants Cole to improve. He's wise and know how to improve Cole because he went to the island when he was young too. Taught Cole some ways to control his anger. Ex: carry the ancestor rock, the dances.

Garvey: Native American leader. Cole's mentor in the circle justice. He also wants to help change Cole. He was also trouble with law when he was young. Helped Cole in his hard time. ex: asked the circle to give Cole a second chance to prove himself, gave him at.oow as symbol of trust.

PETER: Ninth grader who Cole has bullied before. This time Cole beated him harsh with some brain damage. He tattletale on Cole about his recent crime. He's smart and shy. He forgave Cole at the end and they became friends. Ex: he forgave cole and they became friends at the end.

Ben Mikaelsen is the author of touching spirit. He was born in Bolivia on Dec 18 1952. He didn't go to school until grade 4 where he got bullied cause of his race. He moved to the United States in grade 7 where he started writing full time and many awards. He is a sky diving champion, can fly a plane taught himself to swim and dive and wrote many novels. His articles and photos appear in numerous magazines around the world. Ben lives in a cabin near Bozeman Montana with a 750' pound bear he adopted named Buffy. Ben had buffy for 26 years unitl buffy died on September 1 2010   

Forgiveness: A person should always have another chance to redeem themselves. Cole got a chance to forgive himself and people around him. He learned that his dad beats him cause he's angry , he beat him cause wanted to take his angry out on cole and cole learned to forgive him. Peter learned that cole has changed and both of them became friends at the end.

Rate: 4/5
I think it's a really good book, You can learn a lot from it like. Family, friendship, trust and learning to forgive.

Cole is an angry 15 year old kid coming from a bad family. he robbed a hardware store he hit a kid named Peter and to avoid jail. Cole was put into a thing called circle justice, so he was sent to an island for a year to be able to improve his anger. RISING ACTION: when cole was dropped off at the island he felt as if nobody cared for him so he got angry and burned up all of the supplies and his cabin , cole wanted to swim back until he reached shore, he tried it but the tied pushed him back he was waiting for the next tied to come to swim back with it, he saw a spirit bear a couple of times and then one more time he saw it he tried to kill it but the bear attacked him and he laid on the ground in pain CLIMAX: Cole is laying on the ground and is in pain the spirit bear didn't kill him he left, and then he came back and Cole was about to spit on it but then he stopped the bear came close to him and then Cole touched it lightly and the bear walked away without hurting him, FALLING ACTION: Garvey and Edwin came to the island to check up on Cole. They found the burnt cabin and Cole on the ground, bloody, and alone. RESOLUTION: Resolution Cole was sent to a hotel on shore with a nurse. Then he was flown back to a hospital near where he lives. He stayed there for six months. Then he stayed in a room in a juvenile hall where he stayed before he was sent to the island. cole is not mad at anybody anymore cole went back to the justice circle and had to explain why he burnt own the cabin and the supplies, garvey and edwin convinced the circle to send cole back to the island and they agreed at the island garvey and edwin told him how to control his angry by soaking in the cold pond, doing the dances and Peter came to the island, and he was hitting cole but cole didn't hit back and then they both became friends.

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