High Speed Internet Provider in Malaysia

Broadband plan internet users in Malaysia are continuously growing. According to a report called measuring the Information Society 2013 commissioned by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union, Malaysia had the highest rate of “digital natives” among fellow developing nations across the globe.

Electronic residents are a phrase used to explain those who are the most technically savvy; agree to technological innovation before their colleagues, and those who use their smart phones frequently. With the increasing number of learners and experts obtaining internet access in their day-to-day lifestyles, it is no wonder that various high speed internet and mobile companies have become aggressive in providing the best high speed internet programs to its customers. Maxis Broadband is an approved supplier for Maxis high speed internet offers in Malaysia. Maxis Broadband is possessed by University Sdn Bhd, which is the top Telecom and websites remedy company in Malaysia. We have established ourselves as the authorized representative for major Fiber High Speed Broadband and Mobile Network Operators with Astro, Maxis, Time, Digi, TM and P1.

Maxis fibre is a type of broadband internet connection which uses fibre optic cables to send signal through pulses of light. The speed of this broadband plan is usually not influenced with the distance, and as light travels fast, it usually provides a quicker connection than more traditional connections.

Maxis home fibre may be used for home or on-the-go. For home use, a WiFi router is needed while on-the-go users need to connect a broadband USB stick or dongle to their computers to be able to use wireless internet out of their homes. For mobile internet users, a 3G mobile phone network or mobile phone network is needed to get internet connection.

Maxisbroadband is a main coordinated shopper media diversion aggregate in Malaysia with operations in 4 key regions of business, specifically Pay-TV, Radio, Publications and Digital Media. With a client base of in excess of 3.5 million private client's infiltration of Malaysian TV families, It is offers 170 TV stations, including 37 HD stations, conveyed by means of Direct-To-Home satellite TV, IPTV and OTT stages.

It is provides HD, 3D, PVR, VOD and IPTV. Fulfilling its promise to bridge the digital divide for all of Malaysia, It introduced NJOI as an entry-level DTH satellite TV service and is the country’s first non-subscription based satellite TV, offering 22 TV and 20 radio channels. It includes Malaysia’s highest rated stations across key languages and is available on both terrestrial and digital channels, reaching approximately 13 million weekly listeners.

With all the many options available to Malaysian internet surfers, you will surely find the best internet connection deal. All you need to do is research a lot, outline your actual needs versus your wants, and factor in your budget to decide. Most of us want to have the fastest speed at the price we can afford. The download and upload speed depends heavily on the types of internet connection that you choose.

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