The Weinberger Kidnapping

The crime: On July 4th 1956, one month old Peter Weinberger was kidnapped from his suburban home. When Peter's mother Betty came to check on him while he slept in his carriage, what she found in the place of her son was a ransom note. Although this note promised a safe return for poor Peter, what followed multiple trial and errors of dropping fake money in hopes of the child, was an arrest of Angelo La Marca and the discovery of the child's remains.





Mystery to be Solved: In this case, the mystery in need of solving was who it was that kidnapped the child and what they did with him.

The Victim: The victim is one month old Peter Weinberger and his family who suffers with his loss.

The Suspects: Angelo La Marca was the main suspect becaue of hand writing analysis conducted by professionals. The search started with all hand writing samples from schools, federal offices and other municipalities. It began with an endless number of suspects, but ended up with one.

The Evidence: The only evidence in this case was the ransom notes left by the kidnapper and a blue bag that enclosed one of them. Evidence that lead to the body of Peter was a diaper pin.

Narrator : The narrator for my story will be the FBI agent in charge of the case.

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