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Kush at its height!

(1600-1100 B.C.E) –page 96

During this period, Kush had major accomplishments. One of the was to maintain a good trading center. This accomplishment relates to the image above because is shows the Egyptians trading things with the Kushites. In that time, Egyptians traded grain, beer, and linen for Kush's gold, ivory, leather, and timber. Egypt and Kush had a close relationship.

(730-650 B.C. E.)-page 97

The biggest accomplishment during 730-650 B.C. E., was to conquer Egypt. In that time, Kush took advantage of Egypt's weakness and invaded them. After the invasion, the kingdom of Kush expanded 1,500 miles. This picture shows some Egyptians bowing to the Pharaoh of Kush. Kush ruled Egypt for about a century, but they didn't want to destroy the wonderful monuments, so they kept them and improved them. Kush was in power.

(590-410 B.C.E.)

During this period, Kush thrived a good centre of industry, like it it shows in the picture above. The man are making new weapons with iron oar, rocks, fire, water and other tools.the evolved new technology to make Kush even stronger.

(300 B. C.- 350 C. E.)

Another great accomplishment happened it this time. The queeen of Kush Amanirenas, defended Kush agains Egypt lil is show in the picture above. Most pharaoh or rulers don't go to war, they hire other soldiers to fight, but this queen did it differently, she went to war and defended her kingdom with help of soldier and her sun. She fighter in war and even lost an eye in battle.

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