Frederick Douglass

Answer the three questions below with complete sentences:

1) Why was Frederick Douglass more nervous than the other slaves to be auctioned off to Master Andrew?

2) What did Master Andrew do to Frederick's brother?  Why?

3) Of all the barbaric things Frederick Douglass has witnessed, he says that the way they treated his grandmother was what made him hate slavery the most. Give at least two specific examples of how she was treated.  

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2 years ago

1:Because he was nervous of where going to be n how it going to feel or how that going to treat him

2:he beat his brother because he didn't do what ever he as him

3:the put her in the cable by her self and to live by her self with out. The kids and for no one can be her when she died

2 years ago

You did a good job and #1 and #3, but I don't understand #2.