The invention of the soccer ball.

   Charles Goodyear invented the soccer ball in 1820.People play soccer more than ever now.People play with soccer balls all over the world.The sport is known all over the world but,in some places it was called football,which is know one of the most popular sport known in the United States. Children and adults use soccer balls to play games or just to kick it around.There are soccer balls and games for everyone who wants to play.

   Soccer balls come in all different sizes.Some are smaller than others for the smaller children.There are big ones for the older children and adults.Soccer balls are not that much money either.Most vary around $6.00 to $20.00.

   The 13 and under sports administration PARA has just opened a soccer league for disabled  children under 13 years old.It is called The Miracle League.Charles Goodyear invented the soccer ball for peoples entertainment and I think he achieved his goal.


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