Email Etiquette Assignments

By: Esmeralda Ramirez

  • Try using a subject and include your name in it. That way the person would know what’s in your email.
  • CUPS matter. Capitalization usage, punctuation, and spelling are your friends. If you use caps your friends might think you're yelling
  • When writing to a teacher give background information and include your full name and class period. So the teacher would know the project you are handing in and from what period your from.
  • Think twice about whether or not the content of your email is appropriate for virtual corresponce once you hit send anyone might be able to read it. Make sure that your email is appropriate
  • Make sure you read your email aloud to yourself before you send it.
  • Do not send chain letters or any viruses. Dont do these it only sends your readers pop-ups and viruses
  • Use smiles or other graphical symbols only when necessary. So the reader could know your expression.
  • AVOID URGENT OR IMPORTANT Only use this if it is a really, really urgent or important message. Don’t put Urgent or Important on a email if it’s not important.
  • Don’t reply to spam. If you reply to spam the other person on the other end will then know your address
  • Include a greeting everyone deserves dignity and respect, so give the reader some by typing dear [name] or hello [name]. Don’t be rude say hello or dear to the person

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