Types of Solar Geyser Systems

The solar power water heater also can say it is the use of solar energy heater water storage in the tank can make use of the device. Ordinary all-glass vacuum tube consists of seven parts such as glass tube outside, inside the glass tube, selective absorption coating, vacuum sandwich, getter and spring clip. High absorption ratio increased by 12% of the solar hot water heater, emission ratio was reduced by 30% - 30%, super absorption, less heat loss, warming faster. It contains efficient tube, super absorption, high thermal efficiency, heating up fast, and under the condition of the same light of the solar power water heater, it can produce higher than ordinary tube water temperature of hot water. Cold tube, because the copper ion emission than aluminum ion low of 0.2, so very little heat loss, can still work normally in a cold environment, and 30 ℃ as usual out of hot water in the solar hot water heater. It has the high temperature effects, due to the membrane layer of the stainless steel ion in high temperature resistant, anti-air drying, membrane layer under the condition of 400 ℃ is not aging, decay, and become angry.

Under the condition of same illumination, ordinary pipe heat absorption than three highs, even cannot meet the requirement of the bath; At low temperature, heat loss is bigger, collection efficiency drops, affect the normal use; Especially when more than 270 ℃ in air drying, membrane layer is ageing, fall off, the absorption rate reduced rapidly, shorten service life. As a member of types of solar geyser systems, the solar power water heater system generally consists of solar collectors, storage tank and the automatic control system. The auxiliary energy equipment as well as the main equipment connected line. Valve and so on. Solar water heating system basically has types of solar geyser systems and they can be divided into: natural circulation system, the forced circulation system and the once-through system. Solar natural circulation system is the use of internal temperature gradient of temperature difference of heat transfer working medium formed by the natural convection of cycle of solar hot water system. In a natural circulation system, in order to ensure the necessary thermal siphon pressure, heat storage water tank of the solar geyser shall be higher than upper collector; Because of the system structure is simple, it doesn’t need additional power.

Solar forced circulation system which is also a member of types of solar geyser systems is the use of mechanical devices such as external power forced heat transfer working medium by collectors’ cycle of solar hot water system. Forced circulation system of solar power water heater usually adopts the temperature difference control. The photoelectric control and timer control and so on. Currently widely used in engineering temperature control system of forced circulation. Solar once-through system is a heat transfer medium, after a time through the collector to heat into the hot water tank storage or solar hot water heater system with hot water in the cycle. The effect of heat storage water tank of the solar geyser or the solar power water heater is only stored collector emitted by hot water. Once-through solar water heating systems can use the electric temperature control valve and thermostat control mode.

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