edited pictures assingment and free look for others.

by zane brown

these are my original and my edited pictures down below I hope you like it because the value I picked bravery.

the photo above proves bravery and that is why I picked it

the photo below I used the same but edited it with pixlr same with the others to come so the things I used is overlay,patterns, and effect

the photo below should be good.

this photo below is the edited version the things I used is overlay and border.

this picture below explains bravery with a little girl playing with a bear.

same as always a edited version below and it's cute awwww.

for this I used borders and overlay.

this picture below is brave and scary I can't look kidding did I get you did I well just look below and you will see the picture make sure quickly look up got you enough kidding around the next two is an edited and original.

for the picture above i used overlay and fire works and vintage.

the picture below is a collage of all the pictures the edited version.

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