Gavin Lyter

The population of Canada is approximately 34,834,841.  The life expectancy is 81.67 years  in Canada. The poverty rate is currently at 9.4 %.  There are 7.1% of Canadians that are unemployed. The people that are online in Canada are 8.743 million. The GDP in Canada is $1.825 trillion. In Canada they are mostly Christian and the two national or official languages are English and French. In the future Canada will face problems like over population and possibly having a bigger poverty rate which will lead to the economy going down. Over the years the culture of Canada has been molded by European countries, especially France and England. The culture has also been shaped by America because it is so close and people migrate in-between the two countries. The Canadian government is a parliamentary democracy, a federation, and a constitutional monarchy. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Canada has 10 providences and 3 territories.

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