Queen Victoria

Biography project for Mrs.hemry's 8th grade language Arts class made by A L hour : 6th   

Queen Victoria was born on may 24th 1819 and died January 22 1901                                                               Significant events that effected queen Victoria's   

  • crimen war   
  • British monarch

                                                      Victoria's childhood         

                   Her childhood was not well her mother died in her child hood and never really grew up with a mother by her side all she had was her uncle and her father  that practically raised her . She never really associated with other children because she was home schooled .   


People who influenced queen Victorias life

  • Duke of Kent was her father
  • Uncle Leopard took Victoria's fathers place as king
  • Albert of saux cougar
  • Edward the VLL was related to her

Unique Facts

  • Queen Victoria lived in Bormal Castle
  • She was 81 when she died
  • Victoria's dads name was Edward Duke of Kent  
  • At the age 18 she became queen
  • her favorite author was Scotman sir Walter Scott


  • becoming queen of England
  • she became a great symbol of power
  • she stands out
  • well deserved destination
  • produced heirs for the throne

Sighnificance of the person

She had royal blood from her family and she was chosen as queen by her uncle to be the ruler of England .

sighnificant events in history that affected the person

  • Crimean wars battle of balaclava
  • british monarch  

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