The Solution to Human Waste Build Up

By:  Nicholas Sweeney

The device created by Bill Gates that uses human poop and urine solely to produce free energy and fresh clean water with no biproducts.

Bill Gates has been working on this project which takes human waste and puts it through a machine which removes the water from the waste and filters it until it is perfectly clean water. The dried out  remainder of material is put through a furnace which burns the material and heats up steam which powers the machine and also creates an excess of electricity that can be used to power other things in a community.

Sewage Plants Producing Energy

This is a picture of what a sewage treatment plant looks like from a far. Their sole purpose is to make your toilet waste go away.

Sewage plants have been around for years and are used for things such as producing clean fresh drinking water or for the creation of large amounts of energy that can be used to power the plants and other nearby buildings. The video below shows an example of a sewage plant that filters clean water out of the sewage and uses the left over material to produce energy for the plant, making it very cheap to run.

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