Final Tack By Jamal Yacoob

My design is meant to resemble a flower with other graphs around it. The main part of the design is the flower (r=4cos2theta) and everything else centers around that. Flanking the flower are two limacones with loops. Cutting through those elements are two lines that add symmetry to the picture. Finally, two circles around the flower round out the picture.

I experimented mathematically when I combined 4 different types of graphs; a dimpled limacon, rose, circle, and line. In order to make the image look more symmetrical, I made the radius of each limacon large enough to overlap the radius of the first circle. Then I made the length of each rose petal just long enough to fit inside the dimple of the limacon graphs.

While I was completing this assignment I learned although math can be very cold and calculating at times it can also be harmonious and symmetrical. The combined graphs produced an image that is visually appealing.

I enjoyed working this assignment because it provided me with a unique way to study the different types of graphs. I gained a better understanding of how each graph looked like when I changed certain aspects like the a and b values on an ellipse or the number of petals on a rose graph.