The RRJL Overnight Miracle

Hi, my name is Jackson and I am a member of a micro finance group called RRJL. What my company does is we get loans from teachers all over our school, order products to sell,  pay back our loan, and use ALL of the profits to lend to kiva. What is is a nonprofit organization that gets people anywhere in the world to loan to other people all over the world in need of money. Some cases could be for education, medicine, starting a business, buying goods, etc. Our goal in 6th grade core plus is to help people in need get some money.

What's Resonating With Me Right Now?

Communication and Collaboration. I chose communication and collaboration because I feel that they are one of the most important. Communication and collaboration in my opinion is what your group is made up of. (Not literally). If you can't communicate, then you can't talk with your group members and know what to do. For example: If you have to work on a certain spreadsheet like BoG, and you didn't tell your group that you were going to do it one night, then you might have three or FOUR people making one! It would be chaos. This is why you need to communicate even if you aren't the best friends with the people in your group. Also, communication is very much alike collaboration. You need to work together if you want to make progress. That's mainly why we have groups in the first place! You would be working like 70% slower if you worked individually.

What  I'm proud of: I am proud of my group because we have learned so much and we have come so far. I never thought that we would have this kind of project at school where we can actually make money. It has been very fun and interesting while we are still learning plenty. Another good thing is that we can still learn things separately on the side.

Another global competency I had was problem solving. I have had to overcome many challenges so far but right now I think my group is ok. For example, about a week ago, we had a sale but we didn't have a prize yet. So, we couldn't sell. But, yesterday we got some ads up for a new prize.

When you are a borrower you feel different emotions. You are always wanting more customers, or you are nervous because you might not be able to pay back, or you could even be a bit sad because other groups have way more money than you.

A Quote and a New Global Competence

A quote from Rosabeth Moss Kanter That I liked was "The middle of every successful project looks like a disaster"

A New Global Competence

Comfort with the new and unfamiliar

This project required comfort with the new and unfamiliar because as we progressed we had to learn and do new things. For example, when we spoke during our presentation.