Gun Control

by Rj Metz

2 sides to gun control.
NRA is against gun control when some others want handguns, rifles, and shotguns should be controlled by the Government.

The second Amendment states that the Americans have the right to bear arms.

Bills have been passed to control the usage of guns an the people who can purchase and own guns.There have been some laws that have been ruled unconstitutional but some laws have beaten the NRA and took effect . Some cases that helped rule "The Brady Bill of 94'" unconstitutional is "Printz vs. U.S 1997" which led to The second Brady Bill to be passed so its constitutional.I am against "Gun Control" because I should be able to defend myself against those who want to miss use a weapon an attempt to kill or harm me.

A Nigerian model was killed due to Facebook fraud. She was drugged, beaten then shot to her death.

Tackk it up!

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