Tyler Westcott


Football is my favorite sport. My favorite football team is the Buffalo Bills. I like the Buffalo Bills because i grew up with my dad being a Bills fan. Also they are one of the closest teams to Erie.


Music represents me becuaue when im hone im mainly always listening to it. My favorite type of music is rap. My favorite rappers are Yo Gotti, and Lil Wayne. Music also is a coping skill for me when i am angry.


Basketball is my second favorite sport. Even though football is my favorite sport, i play basketball more then I do football. My favorite basketball team is the Chicago Bulls, I like them because of the things that Micheal Jordan did while he was there.

My three goals.

My first goal is to come too school everyday of the school year.

How i plan to accomplish this goal is by making sure i go to sleep at a time that I wont be tired in the morning. By staying healthy so I dont get sick. Lastly by behaving so I dont get suspended.

My second goal is to get good grades.

I can accomplish m this goal by coming to school, Paying attention to the teacher. Also by studying and turning in my work on time. Lastly by not getting distracted by other students.

My last goal is to go the whole school year without getting wrote up.

I can accomplish this goal by not feeding into negativity. Not causing a distraction in class. Not fighting, being to school and class on time, and lastly doing my school work.


A place that I would want to travel too is Hawaii. I want to go there to see the cool views and the clear water. Lastly to just get away from all the drama and get a break.

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