Physical Therapist

Job Description

A physical therapist is some one who helps people of any age to recover from a injury. They exist to make peoples daily tasks and activity's easier for them.



There duty is to help people recover from an injury. To bring the patient back to the function that they were at before the injury happened.  


You need to have a bachelors degree, two-year associate‚Äôs degree. Also you need to be able to talk to people, make conversation with them. You need to be experienced with the tools that you use (such as balance beams, reflex hammers, physical therapy tables and muscle testing equipment). Computer skills so that way that you can key fast and know what your typing into the computer for the patient. You also need to have physical strength and stamina for standing for long periods of time.  

Job Purpose

The purpose is to bring back the patient to where they were before their injury.

Reports to

A physical therapist reports to themselves. Physical Assistants report to the Physical therapist.   

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