Wearable technology

Wearable’s are a great invention in the world of technology. Wearable devices are electronic devices that can be encapsulated comfortably into the clothes and accessories. Wearable’s initially got popular in business sector, now wearable’s are gradually becoming popular among consumers as well.

There are different wearable devices in the market such as:

1)Smart Watches:-
Smart watch is a great example for wearable device, through which you can make calls, you can get social media updates and also you can use it as a camera to take any picture. The LG G Watch, one of the first to use the Android Wear operating system.

A wearable Bluetooth personal communicator for iPhone and Android.

3)Google Goggles:-
A downloadable image identification app created by Google, which is used for searches based on images taken by handheld devices.

4) Activity trackers:-
Activity trackers, including the Fitbit and Misfit Shine, are used to measure how many steps you walk throughout the day, observe your heart rate, calculate the calories you burn, and gather the data of your sleep patterns. iOS 8 is designed to help you keep track of all of your health and fitness data.

Wearable Technology in different Industry...

1)Wearable technology creates a great impact in Retail industry. Wearable technologies provide a great opportunity for organizations, especially for information gathering and to expand their business value. By using wearable technology, retailers can figure out which segment of a store a customer visits, advertising agencies can target customers based on location and the nature of the application associated with the device.

2)Recently,the labor-intensive industries wearable technology have started using because wearable technology has the capability of communications and allows the user to access all information in real time that improves profitability and productivity.Data-input capabilities features are also necessary features which are incorporated in wearable devices.

3)In distribution industry, wearable technology is used in the form of glasses that are built with high definition cameras and worn by warehouse employees and used to assure the correct item is delivered. It helps to direct the sequence of item selection to improve efficiency.

Wearable technology devices such as Android and Apple watches are already available to the general public for purchase. Nearly all wearable devices are used in health application. Health applications gather health and fitness data, calories, blood pressure and heart rate. The increasing availability of wearable devices, incorporating more health-related functions and features and user interest present a chance for the healthcare industry to improve the quality of medical care.

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