WANTED- Sika Deer (Cervus Nippon)

Reward: $100,000


Terrestrial Pest!

Body length: 3.5-5.1 ft.

shoulder height: 2.1- 3.6 ft.

tail length: 4-8 ft.

weight: 55-242 lbs.

color: grayish or chestnut brown to reddish olive, with the chin, belly, and throat being off-white.

It is from Eastern Asia, Taiwan, and Japan!

It's Crime is eating Oak Trees

it occurs in Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia

Sika Deer spread by  usually shy creatures, raising their tails, stamping their feet, fluffing out their white rump fur, then, moving off at a brisk trot into the forest as soon as they pick up human scent.

It had been introduced to the United States

these sika deers have been recently conservation efforts and the extinction of its main predator

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