Future Career

By: Jazzmyn Hinz

1. After school I want to become a herpetologist, which is pretty much just a scientist that studies reptiles such as snakes and alligators.

2. I would like to work for Smithsonian or National Geographic to do articles on the species I'd study.

3. In order to pursue this career I would need a PhD in Biology which would require about 6-8 years of college.

4. I could go to Dartmouth college, which wouldn't require me to get a specific ACT or SAT score, or I could go to the Boston University College, which would require me to have a high school transcript, school report form, teacher evaluation, mid year report form, college/university transcripts, and standardized testing.

5. The distance would be an obstacle because both schools are pretty far from home, and the cost for getting in.

6. I could try to apply for scholarships, and stay with somebody who lives closer to the college, or use a dorm.

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