Bugatti Veyron

Made in France

The Bugatti Veyron was made in France. Below are France's maps.

Natural Resource Map of rance

Population Map Of France

France clearly has a average amount of people and a average amount of resources which contributes to their manufacturing.  It all starts when the manufacturers make all parts needed for the vehicle (from their natural resources) then made in their factory. After making the product the company (Bugatti) will distribute their product to sellers worldwide and put in store for purchase. The effect that natural resources, physical features and climate on humans are huge. Many people desire to have a place that fits their needs, such as warm weather, beaches, mountains etc. People want to live where they desire and that can effect how many people live in a certain area.

Globalization is the development of closer economic, cultural and political relations among all the countries of the world as a result of travel and communication becoming easier. Globalization is split up into 4 categories.

Technological- The development of of technological pieces and how it affects relationships worldwide.

Cultural- Refers to ideas, meanings and values around the world, such as extending and intensifying social relations.

Environmental- Environmental globalization affects everyone and everything.

Economic- Is the movement of currency and ideas worldwide.

Problems and Solutions Of Globalization.

Technological Problem:  Crime may increase the rate of technology. As seen in police shows, Cops have now become more powerful with the ways the might catch somebody. For example cops have radar guns, police cameras on helicopters or tazers.

Solution: Keep passing laws. With more and more advancement of technology criminals now have less and less of a chance to escape from police.

Cultural Problem: As cultural globalization increases cultures around us are losing their own originality. As it is good for some countries to sell products worldwide some countries are losing a lot of their name. For example China is known for their chinese food but now McDonalds is starting to expand worldwide.

Solution: Stop selling to other countries just for money. Let other countries grow the way they want to.

Environmental Problem: littering is a big problem and always has. People keep throwing away items that can be toxic to the earth.

Solution: Start taking a stand on litterers. People think it's okay to just throw away items on the ground, so if you see it tell them to pick it up and throw it in trash/recycling.

Economic Problem: Poor countries have no money to expand. Rich countries around them have money to grow technologically.

Solution: Start giving those countries money to expand in exchange for other types of resources we need.  

Another problem not involved with these 4 categories is trade. Trade can sometimes have a negative effect on countries. Countries may suffer from the amount of money they have to spend from getting the products to the destination. They may also struggle from the lack of quality they get in the trade.

How Globalization effects my everyday life.

First I wake up from my alarm clock on my phone which is made in China. Then I go take a shower which where my shower head is made in the USA.  then after I get out of the shower I put on my clothes which are made in Vietnam. I then put on my hair gel where that is also made in the USA. And thats just the first part of my morning which you can clearly see has globalization in every moment.

Globalization can be both good and bad. Globalization can have very good effects on you such as getting new clothes, getting a new phone, getting new products. But globalization can be bad to you also with technology advancing we are becoming more addicted to technology which can effect our school work and everyday life. But all in all globalization is a good thing for the world to have.


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