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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

A: My Essay reflection

1: How would you describe your writing at the beginning of the year and how would you describe it now? At the beginning of the year my writing wasn't as it is now, in the beginning I had a hard time trying to find out the main idea of the book now i can find it.

2: What do you consider your writing strengths? Explain. I think I'm good at seeing who the characters are, and I'm good at writing the topic sentence.

3: What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain. having better ideas, developing my ideas deeper and more complex.

4: What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain. I like the very good story and the great and rich characters.

B:  The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

The outsiders/Hero’s journey Jackson Chryst

5/5/14 2nd

When people hear the word superhero or hero people usually see an extremely strong man or woman shooting lasers out of their eye and crushing the bad guys in the midst of evil, but not all heroes need to have superhero abilities to go on a hero’s journey. For example in the book the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton the main the character Ponyboy Curtis goes on a Hero’s Journey, Ponyboy doesn’t have any superpowers what so ever but he does return with a gift. In a hero’s journey there are three steps, first the separation from the known, second the initiation, third return with a gift and Ponyboy go’s thought all those steps in the hero’s Journey.

The first step is the separation from the known. Ponyboy’s separation from the known is the Socs away win against the greaser, Pony narrates, “ And you can’t win against them no matter how hard you try” (11). Since Pony is a Greaser he is a poor kid who lives on the east side of town while the Socs are rich and live way better and they alway have a way to win. In the hero’s Journey, the separation from the known is when the hero has two things happen to him, one is the call to adventure, and two is the threshold of adventure this all leads into the hero’s journey. In the outsiders pony’s not really use to winning at much because he has always lost to the socs, also he’s a greaser so people always discriminate him because the amount of money he has and the way he dresses. So the quotation shows that he is mad that the socs always win and that unfair and pony is seeking justice against the socs. Pony’s threshold of adventure is when he come home late after the movie, and Dary gets mad and slapps pony. After that Pony runs to the park with Johnny and a group of Socs attack both of them and Johnny kills a Soc to stop them from drowning Pony. Johnny and Pony then go to Dally for help, Dally tells Johnny and to take a train to Windrixville and go to a church and hide which is the threshold and the unknown for Johnny and Pony.

The second step in the Hero’s Journey is the Initiation. Pony experiences the Initiation where pony goes from a greaser to a criminal to a hero. After Pony and Johnny run away to the church, they stay at the church for a week before dally comes and takes them to get something to eat, when they come back the church they find it on fire and children are stuck inside Johnny and Pony run in to try and save the children from the fire they are successful but all of them end up in the hospital. When Pony wakes a man is over him, the man asks “‘ are you professional heros or something?” Pony says “ No we’re Greasers” then the man replies “ Your what?” “ greasers you know hoods, JD’S. Johnny is wanted for murder and Dally has a record a mile long with the fuzz”’. In the hero’s Journey , the first part of the Initiation is when the hero goes through the unknown or the challenges, where the protagonist must overcome the challenges to move on in the Hero’s Journey. In the Outsiders Pony has a unknown identity when he was called a hero by the man he has always been called and seen as a greaser, but he was called a hero which confuses him and makes him think if he is a greaser, a hood or a hero.

Pony continues to experience the Initiation when Johnny and Dally die and then Pony gets sick. In the aftermath of the fire Johnny and Dally both get injured but Johnny is close to dying. While Johnny is in the hospital recovering, the greaser and the socs get have a rumble the greasers win but Pony has a bad migraine and he is acting weird. After the rumbler Dally and Pony go to see Johnny in the hospital, Johnny is close to dying and has no hope in living but still says “ stay gold Ponyboy stay gold” then Dally drops Pony off at home and goes to rob a convenience store when get gun down by cop Dally dies right in front of Pony and Pony then says “ Please, not him...not him and Johnny both. (154)” In the Hero’s Journey, the second part if the Initiation is when the hero goes thought four steps the Abyss where the hero loses everything, second is the Transformation when the hero changes, Revelation when the hero has a new view on life and last the Atonement where the hero starts living in a new better way. In the Outsiders Pony’s Abyss is losing Johnny and Dally and also getting a concussion, Pony has a hard time losing Johnny considering they have been best friends for a while. The quotation shows that Pony need Johnny and Dally, also Dally can’t survive without johnny because johnny is the gang pet and Dally uses him the most and they are good friends. It shows this when Dally die when he robs convenience store and pulls an empty gun on loaded cops. Pony near the end of the book still has a hard time living without Johnny and Dally he starts getting bad grades he does not get along with Darry for a while, so the effect of Johnny and Dally dying is big.

The last step in the hero’s is return home with a gift. Pony experiences this when he back with the gift the outsiders and it’s a tribute Johnny and Dally’s life and it shows life as a greasers in a good light. After Pony get back from the week in the hospital his grades go down and he starts getting in fights with Darry at home but for him to pass high school he needs to make a great autobiography for his english teacher. “ One week had taken all three of them. And I decided I could tell people beginning with my english teacher (180). In the hero’s Journey, the return to everyday life is when the hero returns after going on his or her hero’s Journey, they will also return with a gift of some sort. In the Outsiders, Pony returns after his Hero’s Journey with the gift of the book of the Outsiders. His english teacher said to raise his grade he must write a great story, so Pony decided to write about his hero’s Journey that he went on. It shows the greasers as good guys and show them in a positive way, also it’s in honor of Johnny and Dally’s life and how they are not so bad.

Ponyboy goes on a hero’s Journey and goes through the three major steps of the Hero’s Journey. Ponyboy threshold of adventure the socs always win. then the Initiation (part 1) Pony goes from greaser to criminal to hero. After that in the Initiation (part 2) Johnny and Dally die and Pony gets a concussion. Last Pony returns back home with the book the Outsiders as a gift to the greasers and Johnny and Dally. In the end anyone can go on a hero’s journey even a kid like pony from the wrong side of the tracks can have a hero’s journey and be a hero if he or she makes the right choices, a superhero doesn’t have to be someone with lasers shooting out their, a hero can be anyone as long as they do the right thing at the right time.

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